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Att: Dear,
I'm Dr. Rita Van Zyl. I am a private loan lender and business capacity builder. Do you have a business plan you need to implement, but do you have financial problems? look no further, I have your solution. the bank has a limit on the amount of loan you take from them, but I can offer a loan in any amount you wish. between EUR 50 000 and EUR 500 000. companies and industries may request a higher loan with interest rates ranging from 2% to 3%. contact my email: dr.ritavan01@aol.com
with your stated request.
your name:
loan amount:
purpose of the loan:
Mobile phone number:
address of residence and officer:
monthly income:
The loan is offered approved and transferred to your bank account within 48 hours and confirmed in your account in the country. interest starts to be calculated 2 months after receiving the loan. your response will be processed with the utmost security and sincerity.
Dr. Rita

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