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My testimony of how I became a member of the Illuminati. I want to point out to people who want to join a great illuminator about how a great Illuminati member helped me. His name is Mr. Harris. It helps me regain life from the death stage. after being fired for about 5 years and six months. After being deceived by so many members of the Illuminati. During those years, I was hopeless, financially down. But one day, as I was browsing the Internet, I came across the post of a great member of the Illuminati, Mr. Harris, who said that you can be famous, rich, and successful in life by being a member of the great Illuminati, I immediately contacted and explained everything and he recommended and helped me and paid for the membership registration form that will be used to initiate me, and I was dedicated to the great Illuminati New World Order. They then gave me all the instructions and told me that all new members were rewarded with $ 1,000,000 in cash in USD. With the help of Mr. Harris. I was fully initiated as a full member of the Illuminati. If you've failed fraudsters before, or if you're looking for someone to help you become a member, this is your first time, I advise you to try Mr. Harris. This is your best chance to become what you want for your future life, contact him by Email: illuminatiofficial565@gmail.com or WhatsApp +12293354811.

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