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Hello, my name is Jakub Novák I am from the Czech Republic I have been cheated many times since I was looking for a loan, I was a fraud of CZK 20,000, but I never try to give up before I was six times (5) in the company I used , she always told me to pay for insurance, registration, loan transfer and many more so I decided never to apply for a loan in my life, so I started crying because the money I lost will have something I will have. I need, so I swear I won't ask for credit regardless of status But yesterday my wife was very sick and I don't have the money to pay the hospital bill, so my good friend Bishop Berry Smith was afraid I couldn't do it again, so gave a loan application form that I filled in before I was very worried because my wife is in the hospital So I spoke within 30 minutes The fact that the loan is ready and I gave the bill where the loan will be deposited, so I was fee to pay the tax credit on the loan, but I was very scared because I do not di e hypertension because I was surfing from high pleasure of blood so my brothers and sisters Those who said there is no legitimate credit lenders are crazy I have a loan of 500,000 CZK without delay I loan in 45mins so I returned to the hospital and I pay the hospital bills so now I want to advise to those who find it difficult to contact Bishop Berry Smith because he will not let you down. I would like to contact Bishop Berry Smith at the following email: (bishopberrysmith@gmail.com) and I am counting on this issue because there is a solution to your problems. so I'll wait until you hear your own testimony and believe in God and believe in yourself and remember that no state is permanent. Jakub Novák

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